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I Am Thankful For

Personal Growth / March 14, 2015 / Comment Count
by Alicia B. Miner

I Am Thankful For

I came across a note I wrote last year on everything Im thankful for and realized all of them still hold true today so here’s to continuing to be thankful again this year!

I am so thankful to have everything I NEED in my life when so many people go without or are not as fortunate. I am also thankful for all the many things I certainly don’t need but am still fortunate enough to have been blessed with. I am thankful for my health when many are ill, my home, when many are homeless, and for a job when many are unemployed. I am thankful for a large loving family and so many amazing friends that are there for me and make me smile. I am thankful for a wonderful son who has a heart of gold and I just know is going to make a difference in the world. I am thankful for my beautiful little daughter who is an independent free spirit already and is as smart and loving as can be. These wonderful kids keep me humbled and focused on being the kind of person and woman I want my son to marry and my daughter to become. (I’m pretty sure I’ll never live up to the greatness they deserve but its still a balanced focus to have! )

I am thankful for anyone and anything that has ever made me laugh because nothing is greater than laughing so hard your stomach hurts! I am thankful for all the mistakes I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned as I know every one of those choices and paths I have taken have lead me to become everything I am today and continue to lead me to everything I will become or everywhere I will end up. I am thankful that I have had to work my butt off for everything in my life and was not given free rides along the way as I truly value hard work and the life lessons you get from it. I am thankful for all the things I’ve wished for and never got knowing that it was for a reason! I am thankful for the triumphs I know I have yet to experience and the tribulations I have yet to face because I know each of them will make me better and stronger. I’m thankful for all the people who have believed in me because words cannot express how much it means to me. And I’m thankful for those that doubted me because it made me fight harder for all the things I knew I could do and wanted. I am thankful for the good ole black sheep! (While only few in my life know the relevance of the reference, I am thankful to know that being different from “the mold” is not only ok, but its a good thing!) I am thankful to those in my life that truly know me , have taken the time to get to know me, and appreciate me in all my quirkiness! I’m just plain grateful!

Well the list could go on and on as I have SO much to be thankful for! My hope for you is if you cannot see the many blessings in your life you have to give thanks for…..then be thankful for all of the hardships or suffering you could have and DON’T! That’ll get your list started :)